Trade With Me

I prefer swapping 1 written & stamped or several blank cards in envelope since the cost of sending cards from Canada is quite high.

You can email the list of cards that you like and your mailing address.  Include your album link as well.  Please include the page name where the card appears and the name of the card.

i.e. Canada – AB1
Other – ART1

My preferences

  •  I prefer cards with a white border
  • Multiviews
  • Landscapes
  • Traditional, cultural, ethnic clothing
  • State/Provincial maps, or Country maps
  • Old & Historic Buildings or Monuments or World Wonders
  • Nature: Forests, Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, Oceans and Waterfalls
  • Sunset/sunrise views over a landmark, monument, city or landscape
  • Exotic animals and birds from Africa, Asia, South America, and Australia  in their natural habitat
  • Capital City Views (Skylines, aerials, night, etc)
  • Bright colours and spectacular photography